About us

Welcome at Restaurant Il Boccalino

Tired of al those fancy-shmancy restaurants where you have to schmooze the maitre and keep up polite banter with the waiters? Sometimes you feel like something simple like a good pizza and a nice bottle of Chianti. For times like these, Il Boccalino comes up with just good old fashioned Italian dishes (Osteria-style) all served up in generous portions. In a cozy den of knotted pine, chuncky chairs and faux Tiffany lampshades (OK,so the placemats are productions of Breughel s Wedding Feast) but that doesn t mean the food isn t delicious. On the contrary; sometimes a kitschy-style interior only adds to the atmosphere. And the formula seems to be working; For over 25 years our Il boccalino restaurant has been serving delicious meals to our guests.